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Where Sin abounds Grace so much more abounds!


September 15, 2013




Welcome to Flame of Fire Ministries

IAM Basic Bible School:  

This is a 4-6 month school for those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and want to grow in their daily walk with God.  

Classes: Character Development: Understanding the Bible: New Testament and Old Testament Survey: Developing a daily devotional life with God... and more. 

Cost: $200 for school year 

Flame of Fire Training School:  

This is a 6 month Spirit-Led Bible School for students who are called into full or part time ministry including becoming one of the 5 fold Ministry gifts.  

Classes: Missiology, Gifts of the Spirit, Fruit of the Spirit, Prayer and Intimacy with God, Upon this rock, raising Godly leaders, Practical Teaching and Preaching, Ministry Guidance, The way of the Lord... and more 

This school has a 7-10 day short term mission trip for all students to go on to put their training into practice. There are also local evangelism outreaches, fund raisers, and internships for the students throughout the year.  

Cost is $750 plus cost of mission trip 

Flame of Fire Apostolic and Prophetic Advanced Ministry School: 

This school is for graduates of the Discipleship Training School to consist of a one year internship program consisting of on the job training on the mission field and daily classes on Apostolic / Missionary Training, School of the Prophets, School of Evangelism and the ministry of the Pastor Teacher.  

All students must be available to travel, raise funds and go on mission trips in the USA and in the nations. Cost is $1500 plus cost of each trip. 

Deeper Life Meetings:  

These meetings are held in homes, churches, prayer groups throughout the USA and the nations. These meetings are for those who are spiritually hungry for more of God, and want to develop a deeper more intimate relationship with the Lord to be prepared to work and cooperate with God's end time plan on the earth.  

24/7 Spiritual Prayer and Training Bases:  

Flame of Fire is called to help establish "regional" prayer and training bases throughout the USA and the world. At these bases will be the IAM Schools, Daily Regional Prayer Meetings. Bi-weekly Encounter God meetings patterned after 1st Corinthians 14:26. We presently have 3 centers in the USA, Loveland CO, Tucson AZ, and a new one being birthed in Albany, NY 

Local Church Training Conferences:  

Flame of FIre works with local churches to grow in the love of the Lord, a deep personal relationship with the Lord and His people, power evangelism, ministry of the psalmist in worship, and developing an effective intercessory prayer team for the local church.  

At these conferences we teach: God's governmental authority, the role of the local pastor, the role of the 5 fold ministry and the church, developing each believer to hear and know God and releasing the prophetic gift 

We teach prophetic worship from behind the veil, and the ministry of God's glory that comes from the Holy of Holies and more. We teach the present kingdom of God function of the 5 fold ministers, and their relationship to God's people serving them to become all God called them to be.  

"Regional and International Believer's Gatherings"

Flame of Fire host quarterly Believer's gathering in different regions of the country to gather the churches and peoples hungry for more of God to gather in the presence of the Lord. In these meetings we "wait upon the Lord in intense worship, allow the Holy Spirit to lead and speak, encourage others to use their gifts and let the local ministers minister to the Body of Christ.  

We teach and train on covenant love bonds between God's people and churches. We train the body how to build itself up in love using the gifts of the Spirit in each believer and train churches to have 1st Corinthians 14:26 style meetings. These meetings are intended for the local region to hear the "voices and gifts" that are right in their own region without brining other named people to the area.  

We truly believe God has precious gift throughout the region that need to share what God has given them with a greater audience of people to reach. These meetings are to promote the true unity of the Holy Spirit and to develop genuine love bond relationships between churches, pastors and leaders.  

Omega Generation Boot Camps: 

Flame of Fire has been called by the Lord to raise up a ‘fire brand” generation of leaders and believers 30 years old and younger. We conduct bootcamps for specialized training for this age group. The training consists of hearing God, rising up a prophetic army and intercessors, equipping for spiritual warfare, preaching and power evangelism in the cities and nations. 

We teach these young people how to reach their generation with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. We train them in their 5 fold ministry calling and how to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in power.  

If you would like Flame of Fire to come to your church or ministry and have any of the above ministries help your ministry please contact Rev. Henry Falcone at or or call 520-743-6500 and leave a message and we will contact you. 



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