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Where Sin abounds Grace so much more abounds!


September 15, 2013



































































Dear Beloved of the Lord,

What is Eagles Nest Advanced Internship School of Ministry? Who is it for? What will I learn? How will it help me to be trained to fulfill my calling in Christ? How long is the school year? Why is it an Internship program? Will you answer the call upon your life in 2015.

These are all wonderful questions and correct ones to ask. As you click on our School Handbook link many of those questions will be answered for you. The question I want to ask you is why would God send you to Gulf Breeze, FL to be equipped in an Internship School like this? Is this internship school for you?

This Advanced Internship School of Ministry may not be for everyone; however, it is for those who are truly hungry and thirsty for God Himself, as well as to obtain a deeper more intimate relationship with Him. It is for those who want to be, as Brother Oswald Chambers (author of My Utmost for His Highest) writes, “to become “broken bread and poured out wine” to those God is sending us to.”

This internship program is about God, God’s will, hearing His voice clearly, going where He wants you to go, and becoming the servant/leaders our Master Jesus has desired us to be.

This school is for those who are willing to wash someone’s feet. It is for those who desire to be like Jesus and be a “living sacrifice” as the Apostle Paul writes in Romans 12:1-2. It is for those who want to see “Jesus heal the broken hearted, open the prison doors, set at liberty them that are bruised, and proclaim that this is the acceptable year of God’s favor.” Luke 4:18

The Advanced Internship School of Ministry is not about becoming “educated or intellectual” in head knowledge about God, but to become true and living witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom in every nation.

Our School is neither for the faint in heart, nor those who are wishy washy. To come to this school will cost you much. You will have to relocate for 10 months to Florida, be able to support yourself or family, raise missionary support to travel, and seek God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

The E.N.A.I.S.O.M (Eagle’s Nest Advanced Internship School of Ministry) is not for new believers in Christ. (Unless the Holy Spirit says so and then on an individual basis.) It is for those who have grown in their walk with God, served in a ministry capacity in a local church or ministry.

The students must have a good basic knowledge of the Bible or have attended Bible School or classes in their walk with God; or willing to take our Old Testament and New Testament Survey Classes in addition to their normal curriculum.

The internship program (traveling part of the school work) requires monthly to bi-monthly traveling to cities in the USA, and also to nations as God provides opportunities to go. The work we will do in each place will be different because of the different needs of the local people and churches in that area.

This 2015-2016 will focus on establishing local outreaches that are God Breathed in reaching their communities with the message of the Kingdom of God and salvation through Jesus Christ.

You will experience things like working and developing outreaches in the “He-Brews coffee house meeting place her in Gulf Breeze, FL. You will learn how to conduct Evening Encounter God Gatherings at FOF Headquarters, and do hands on work with the Omega Generation under 30 year old age group as well.

There will also be times of learning how to minister effectively to our Senior Citizens and every age group in between here at our headquarters and the He-Brews meeting place.

In this school of ministry as interns you will learn in class and on the field how to conduct kingdom gatherings of believers, seminars, training and equipping workshops to raise up 5 fold ministry leaders and the rest of the body of Christ.

Classes include prevailing and access way prayer, understanding the prophetic and apostolic call, evangelism, outreaches, worship under David’s tabernacle, preaching and teaching and the life of a missionary and much more.

School sessions will be from Monday through Thursday 8 am to 3pm each day. The class schedule will require much time for meditation of the scriptures and teaching (verses studying like for a test), and prayer along with time to hear God and digest the “meat” of the word of God they learned each day.”

E.N.A.I.S.O.M’s emphasis is not to be on “how good your grades are”, but on how much God has changed you to be His ambassadors and missionaries to the lost and to the church. Academic grades are important, but being transformed by what God teaches you and works in you is most important.

In this school, God will identify your gifts and calling to prepare you for true service to Christ and the cost of that calling. God will transform your life as you open your heart to the King of King and Lord of Lords as He so works deeply in your heart.

The school will be life changing and not easy. You will learn firsthand how to live, trust God to provide for your needs, your family’s needs, and how to truly surrender the totality of your being to Christ out of love for Him alone and His service. Some students may have to work full time jobs, part time jobs, or even leave their good paying jobs to come and attend the school.

This school is not being established like an ordinary Bible School or Seminary where “education” is the requirement for service, but “heart transformation from what you learned” will be the requirement for service and placement by God.

I truly believe this is a “life changing school of ministry.” Your life will never be the same as God separates you on to Himself first, and then sends you as His hands and feet to those in need.” You will see the condition of the church in the USA and in other nations, and you will see the needs of those who are lost and broken first hand.

Our school year will begin August 24th, but we will be accepting applications through August 31, 2015. Students are to arrive August 18 for a week of orientation, prayer and worship and seeking God to prepare for the school year.

If you are interested in attending please complete the online pdf application form after you review all the requirements. Or send me an email at for more information.

Pray and ask the Lord if this is a school of the Spirit of God that He would have you attend!

In His love,

Revs. Henry and Donna Falcone
General Over-seers

Eagles Nest Registration Packet

Check out the class of 2015 Video Yearbook!

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