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Where Sin abounds Grace so much more abounds!


September 15, 2013



Welcome to Flame of Fire Ministries

Dear Beloved’s of the Lord in Colorado.

Most of you know this has been an intense time for us at Flame of Fire Ministries. God supernaturally has had us work so very hard in establishing an outreach center for the Omega Generation here in Gulf Breeze. From July to September night and day with nothing, God led us supernaturally to find everything we needed to get this work done. It took a great sensitivity to the Spirit of God to find His ways in the midst of great noise, opposition, and attacks. Those attacks have not stopped since we opened the doors, but through the hardship, persecution and financial suffering, God is transforming this young generation into an army of God. Through these past few months, even since our last trip to CT and NC, God has been giving us a deeper sense of “spiritual hearing” and “knowing” like I have never seen. Honestly, we missed much of God’s speaking because it sounded so much like our own voice that it was easy to ignore, until after God proved to us that is was really hearing him in a new way. A way that lead the early church in the books of Acts where the Word of God said, “the Holy Spirit said, the Holy Spirit led. Romans 8 says, "Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God. John chapter 3 says “The wind blows where it wills, you hear the sound, but you don’t know where it comes from or where it goes, such are those who are born of the spirit.”

It is a new day for the “remnant of God.” God is giving out new weapons, new increased abilities by a new form of training in the Holy Spirit to hear His voice more clearly and to know His will. These new weapons and deeper training of our spiritual senses are the keys to being able to release on Earth that which is Heaven as Jesus taught us to pray.

These three nights of gatherings were birthed in a moment in my heart that Donna and I have to come and be with you. For us personally, the enemy has tried all he can do to stop us and kill this work and keep us from going anywhere, but by the grace of ‘God he is sending us forth in the midst of great persecution, great financial attack, and doing everything to hinder the work of God.

Beloved’s of the Lord we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony not loving our lives unto death. I know it is imperative for us to be with you for these three nights. As Rev. Lin wrote, if there are youth that want to gather together on Saturday day or Sunday day we will have a special time for them to gather, If not, perhaps the Holy Spirit will have us gather for prayer or meetings in those times as well. This is a time to “blow with the Wind of God.”

I hope and pray each one of you will spread the word and invite those who are hungry for God. I am expecting tremendous apostolic and prophetic flow of the Spirit of God through all who will open their hearts to God and new revelation and impartation to come from the very throne of God.

As Rev. Lin wrote to you about helping us get there. I have never,ever asked for anything when I come there. I have traveled to Colorado 100’s of time trusting God to provide for me, however, this time I felt the Lord put in my heart that I need your help and that as a group of people you would pray for us to come and God would give you the finances in your hands to help us get up there and back as you pray and sow those sacrificial seeds of love.

God is requiring much of all of us, and you are the “beginners’ of where this work was birthed from. Your sowing this time is going to make a way where there has not been a way before. Every seed you sow is opening new doors, new windows not only for us at Flame of Fire but for you very lives and families as well. These seeds are breaker anointing seeds for everyone. It is for God’s glory alone to be seen.

So please let love fill your hearts from God as you sow these seeds, don’t believe the enemies lies you have already sown enough, how could they ask you to sow more? He is a liar and doesn’t want you or us to have the breakthrough we are about to walk in. We must give our way out of poverty and lack and trust the God who multiplies the fishes and the loaves.

Donna and I are excited about coming and being with you for these powerful 3 nights and hopefully days to.

We love each and every one of you and can’t wait to see you all,

In His love,

Pastors Henry and Donna


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